Diary of the Lost


We have the kid, Akin I think he’s called, and I have to say he creeps me out. It’s unnatural, the way he acts, the way he… talks. He’s not human, no matter how he may look now. This whole situation is unnerving. What with Hillmann… empty. No, not empty, deserted but not empty. The kid knows more than he lets on, these things always seem to know more. I don’t like any of this. I know the kid is more valuable than his weight in gold, much, much more valuable. But I still wish Galt had kicked the little monster. I didn’t know it could poison things… I know I’m not going near it again.



We skipped Vladlengrad, saw some Oankali sliding out of the river and up the bank, I couldn’t help shivering when I saw it, they’re just so unlike us, the way they move, the way they think, the way they act. We rowed hard past them and down the left hand fork of the river, my muscles burned and my arm aches from the effort of the hard rowing but I felt much better when we had left the creatures behind. I just want to get to Phoenix and sell off this little hybrid, the sooner the better. We have another boat, we have trade goods, but somehow I can’t shake a feeling of unease. The fondness Iriarte is showing to the kid doesn’t help. More later.

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