Gratuitous Violence

I’m not partial to comics or graphic novels in the first place. Even so I was surprised by the sheer level of gratuitous violence in We3. Perhaps that sounds strange coming from someone of my generation but still. I’ve never really seen the need for excessive amounts of gratuitous violence. All is best in moderation after all. As such I found We3 more irksome than cool or even sad. None of it made sense to me and the gore was just not necessary. Why steal animals when strays and unwanted animals are aplenty? Why use a completely non-predator animal like a rabbit? Where did they get the gigantic dog for weapon 4? Why use animals at all? And seriously, animals wiping out how many dozens of soldiers and armed combatants? Dogs, cats and rabbits are not exactly the most violent or predatory animals out there and with their heads exposed and everything… I just couldn’t buy it. Suspension of disbelief failed in this case for me. Perhaps I’m fairly alone in feeling that way but it is what it is. The art style and quality is nice and the story has some compelling components, tweaking the animal lovers heart string is always a safe way to go, but that’s just not enough for me to overlook the unnecessary gore. Plus there were parts that just made me groan, the rabbit dropping a bomb out of his rear end was just well… ridiculous. All told just not my thing.

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